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7 mistakes new entrepreneurs make when hiring an SEO company

7 mistakes new entrepreneurs make when hiring an SEO company

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to run a business without using online platforms.

No matter how big or small the enterprise is, it is essential to cover all the basic online needs to guarantee success. As a new business owner, you can start with a small step—setting up social media profiles to increase online presence.

As you progress, you can then consider setting up a simple business website, hire someone to write your content (just in case you already have too much on your plate), and get an expert to handle your SEO.

Common Mistakes when Hiring an SEO Company

Unfortunately, not everyone knows the basic when it comes to SEO. And that is the reason why, choosing the best London SEO Company becomes the first huge problem, if you live in London. The goal of hiring an SEO company is to see you in the first page of the Google search results, but the bigger question is, can this company put you on top?

Then these are some of the mistakes that you should be avoiding.

1. They guarantee quick results

When an SEO company told you that they can give you excellent progress in just a week or two, they are the kind of company you need to avoid. SEO is not some kind of science, you might mistakenly understand how it really goes or they make you believe that is how it goes.

You may consider SEO as a form of art. It requires time and effort in order to come up with a good result. For an unspecified figure of time, with the right SEO Company, the results will exhibit more improvements and positive outcome.

2. They purchase

One of the most controversial issues with regards to SEO is the buying of backlinks. According to Google policies, this kind of action is completely against their policy and some companies will surely be penalized once caught doing this. You might hear about this thing before because collecting sites to be linked to yours really helps a lot.

The problem is buying backlinks from unknown services will also give your company low-grade backlinks.
Find an SEO company who will perform manual and decent backlinking tasks for you. It’s better to be sure than to feel sorry.

3. They use “special tools”

When you talk with an SEO company, they will convince you in any way possible. Telling you about their unique and automated tools just to impressed. But, think about this, if there really is a specific tool in order to easily get you ranked in Google, that SEO Company must be the number SEO firm in the industry.
They can make believe but do not allow them locked you in. It is better to choose an SEO company who promised to work as efficient and effective as you want, rather than those who let their so called “special tools” do the job.

4. They easily want to secure long commitment with you

It is also a minus point for an SEO company if they immediately want you to have a long term commitment with them. For example, they want you to sign a contract saying that they will be working for you for 12 months or longer, first ask yourself why. They want you to get tangled for a long time so that when you noticed that their not working on things as promised you can’t easily turn back.

Look for an SEO Company who allows you to decide after they had presented their services. It is also a plus factor if they will humbly answer all your questions and clearly explains their services.

5. They lack in references

Another important thing to consider before hiring an SEO Company is to see first their references. If they lack references, you better mark them cross in your list.
To measure the reliability of the company, they must provide you with complete references. This will serve as one of your basis if you are going to hire them or not because it also contains testimonials from their clients. So, you are going to figure out if they really perform well.

6. They are quite new in the field of SEO

Countless number of new SEO firms opens everyday and many entrepreneurs are investing into this kind business. If you are going to hire one, you must also consider the time they started. You might not want to be their first-ever client?
It is highly recommended to get partnered with well-established SEO Company to assure progress and good result for your business.

7. They offer a one size fits all kind of service

An SEO Company can’t tell you that there is one method applied to all kind of technique. You have a totally different kind of business from them. Good SEO companies usually assess your business first and come up with a solution. It is better if they are going to say that they can work on things and think of a new strategy in order to give progress to your business.

Hire a Reliable SEO Company Today

Every entrepreneur like you has only one goal already set in mind, and that is to make their business grow. Then, you realized that it will not be easy as it is. Many factors have to be considered and there are various challenges to take. Right in time, the idea of hiring an SEO company just popped up.

Improving your SEO is a sure fire way to boost your business. However, it is also easy to make mistakes especially if you’re not knowledgeable enough.

If you are one of the many eager new entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of this digital marketing strategy, choosing the best SEO Company as your partner is a must.



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