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Charities Losing Out Due To GDPR

Charities Losing Out Due To GDPR

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If you run a business and are involved in marketing in any way, then surely you would have heard of the GDPR. The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulations and they came into force on May 25th this year. The new regulations place strict rules on how we, as marketers can send out marketing emails. It’s caused chaos online, and you may have seen popups on most websites you visit asking you to opt-in to their cookies, emails and just about everything else.

Now, we are big fans of data protection and the new regulations are probably a good thing for us users, but it’s an added pain to those of us who are trying to market our businesses.

One company we spoke to, The Mailing People based in Portsmouth have highlighted a number of concerns around GDPR. Firstly, they’ve stated that charities have been losing supporters due to confusion over the regulations. Unaware of the small print in the technicalities of the guidelines, many charities thought they had to email out their entire database of supporters requesting an opt-in. The nature of email and people, in general, resulting in many of these emails not being returned, leaving the charity in limbo as to whether they can still contact these supporters.

Another interesting point laid out by The Mailing People, is that more marketers appear to be turning to direct mail, which isn’t governed as strictly by GDPR.  Direct mail just requires a ‘legitimate interest’ and recipients are not required to specifically ‘opt-in’, unlike email marketing.

This all amounts to a changing landscape for digital marketing, which shouldn’t be a surprise to savvy marketers. If you want to be in the marketing business then you should be prepared for change at all costs, and the GDPR is just one ripple in an ocean of change that is sure to occur over the coming decade.

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