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Startups and small businesses – learn how you can rapidly grow your business

Startups and small businesses – learn how you can rapidly grow your business

Digital marketing for small businesses and startups. Learn where it’s best for you to focus to help you rapidly grow your business
Have you noticed how most advice and case studies of marketing in books and blogs, focuses on the Big Brands with their Big Budgets.
Yes, every business can learn from the heritage of these brands, but it’s a very different world from that for small businesses where budget is limited and every cent and penny of investment matter.
Driving Digital Business Transformation for Industry Leadership: An IT Perspective | Quadient https://t.co/ir37EScwLg pic.twitter.com/BOHkoI2ahh

— Will Corry (@slievemore) August 11, 2018

Whether you call them SMBs as in the US or SMEs as in the UK and Europe, those responsible for marketing startups and small businesses have one thing in common. They’re short on time, resources and budget.

Fortunately, online marketing gives some fantastic low-cost or free options for marketing on a budget to gain traction for your growing business. Well-known low-cost options include rapidly creating a website or landing pages using an open source platform like WordPress or harnessing social media or search engine optimization and content marketing.

We recommend you get started with our Complete digital marketing guide for startups, small and mid-sized businesses. This in-depth guide covers all the digital marketing activities you need to manage to grow a small business or startup online.

It starts by showing you what needs to go into a digital marketing plan and then how to build an effective marketing website and drive traffic to it. Since it’s from Smart Insights, it also shows you how to use Google Analytics to measure how well the site is working for you and then optimize it to convert more visitors to leads and sales.

Startups and small business | Smart Insights https://t.co/HMxUL1AnIQ pic.twitter.com/QMefSN5S5I

— Will Corry (@slievemore) September 18, 2018

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